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Tuesday 14 May 2013

14-year-old Ismael from Afghanistan, a victim of racist violence

Posted by @IrateGreek

14-year-old Ismael from Afghanistan was assaulted on Easter Monday in Athens by men in black who slashed his face with a broken bottle of beer. You can watch below his description of the attack in a video released by Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) and read the English translation of the dialogue. 

- I'm Ismael, I'm from Afghanistan and I'm 14 years old.
- What happened on that day?
- I got off the metro in Attiki station and I was going home. Three men came behind me, they tapped on my shoulder and asked where I am from. I said I'm from Afghanistan. When I said I'm from Afghanistan, they started hitting me. One of them hit me in the face with a bottle of beer. I fainted. A passer-by found me and took me to the hospital. And there, because I have no [residence] papers, they gave me first aid and told me to go. Then I went to Médecins du Monde and they helped me. Because my mother is in another European country, Médecins du Monde promised that, in collaboration with the Greek Council for Refugees, they'll help me with family reunification.
- Do you have stitches? Does it hurt?
- I'm in pain all over. I have 5-6 stitches to my nose and 10 to the head. Is this the country that's famous for its sense of hospitality? What is this? Now they hit me, something must be done so they can't hit others.
- Can you describe the people who beat you?
- I wasn't able to see them very well. As soon as I turned my head towards them, they started hitting me. They were all wearing the same black clothes with the same sign.
- Can you describe the sign?
- I don't know this sign exactly. It's two branches of bay [laurel] tree that link at the bottom and in the middle there was a sign but I didn't understand what it is.
- What language did they speak?
- Greek. 
Twitter user @MavriMelani reports that the recently established anti-racism unit of the police has taken over the investigation into the attack.

Readers who wonder about the sign on the attackers' clothes are advised to check Google images for Golden Dawn's logo. 

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