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Monday 23 April 2012

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Sunday 22 April 2012

Teacher takes his own life over austerity

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Austerity seems to have pushed another man over the edge, who reportedly hanged up himself on Saturday evening. Savvas Metikidis, a 44 years old teacher, resident of Athens and married with children, went for Easter holidays to his hometown, Stavroupoli in Xanthi. He took his own life in his parents' house allegedly leaving a long suicide note, expressing his resentment over the country's bleak political situation. 
Following Dimitris Kotsaridis suicide outside the Greek parliament, it seems to be the second kind of incident with clear political connotations, a couple of weeks before upcoming elections. The man's funeral will take place today at 16:00 (local time) in Stavroupoli. 

Friday 20 April 2012

Police abuse caught on camera

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The video below goes viral across social media at the moment, showing a bunch of police officers - a couple of them in plain clothes - abusing verbally and physically an immigrant while being in custody. The man allegedly set alight a trash bin, putting at risk the cars parked in close proximity. The Facebook user who uploaded the footage 6 hours ago, has reported the incident at the UN Refugee Agency of Greece, claiming it took place in the end of January (2012) without confirming the exact location though.


Sunday 8 April 2012

VIDEO:outburst of applause in Dimitris Christoulas' funeral

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Approximately 1500-2000 people attended Dimitris Christoulas' funeral on Saturday, who took his life over financial issues in Syntagma square - central Athens. Mourners started applauding as the coffin arrived in the cemetery, chanting "Blood flows, seeking revenge" and "People move forward - don't keep your head low - the only way is resistance again"
For 4 days in a row, citizens have been gathering on the spot where the 77 years old pensioner turned the handgun against him, leaving flowers, Greek flags and pinning notes on the nearby trees.The incident had political connotation as it took place in a focal point for anti-austerity protests opposite the parliament and the man left a suicide note, expressing his resentment for the government and his belief that one day, youths will take up the arms against Greek leaders.

The video below shows the retiree's funeral


Friday 6 April 2012

Cop bashing in peaceful demonstrations sends journos to hospital

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Marios Lolos in hospital pic by @xstefanou
"Cop bashing" could be an accurate description of police tactics aiming at halting demonstrations, putting the right to protest at stake, although ordinary citizens are not the only ones being intimidated. Riot policemen have repeatedly assaulted members of the press while covering protests in Greece. 

A formal investigation has been ordered over the assault of several journalists by riot police officers during the latest peaceful demonstrations triggered by the austerity suicide of the 77 years old pensioner.
Marios Lolos, president of the Photojournalists' Association was taken to hospital tonight suffering severe head injuries that might need surgery, following Rena Maniou, redundant reporter from ANT1, who was sent for medical treatment yesterday. 

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Elderly man commits suicide in Athens over mounting debt, triggering rallies in the capital city

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Notes pinned on the spot where the man turned
his gun against him:"who' will be the next victim?"
"mnemonium is the murderer","it was not a suicide
but a murder" pic by @northaura
Another dramatic incident amid austerity was added on the long list of suicides over financial burden this morning in Syntagma square, central Athens, during rush hour. The 77 years old  retired pharmacist, allegedly said "I don't want to leave my children in debt" before taking his own life with a handgun near a tube exit. Passersby froze when the shot was heard. Sources said the man left a suicide note expressing his resentment over the government that left him hopeless:

Tsolakoglou* occupation government has literally nullified any chance of my survival that was based on a decent pension, to which I've been the sole contributor for 35 years without any state financial aid.
Since my age doesn't help for sheer resistance (of course without rejecting the possibility that if a Greek were to grab a Kalashnikov first, I'd be the second following) I see no other solution but a decent end (of my life) before I start searching for food into trash bins. I believe that one day, youths with no future will take up arms and hang upside-down those national traitors, as Italians did to Mussolini (in piazza Pareto-Milan) back in 1945."