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Potential collaborators of this blog are all those who tweet with the hashtag #rbnews, as well as, obviously, all those you'll find on Collaborators page of radiobubble, and those who work on the music blog. You'll find below the main members of the team who prepare and analyse the news, as well as this blog's administrators. 

You can contact us by e-mail at radiobubblenews (at)

Doleros* (@doleross)
Also known by his secular name, Doleros. Born in the year of the Apostasia in a suburb of Athens, in the west bank of the Kifisos river. He's been trying to do radio since before he was able to pronounce the letter R, thus giving a very a literal meaning to the word "(r)addio" since he always had to say addio to every eviscerated radio device that had the misfortune to fall into his hands. The first (obligatory) things he listened to, from the cradle to the return to democracy in 1974, were determinant factors in forming his radio culture. His favourite broadcast was the Red Cross Tracing Programme. That's why he developed the habit of creating paper boats, so that he could engage in imaginary journeys, get lost and hear his name on the radio.
Counting on these solid bases, he studied, so kind of studied, economics in Thessaloniki. At the same time, he started working as a journalist. He took care to forget everything he learned about economics but made sure he kept something from journalism. From the mid-1980s onwards, he was finally able to marry the love of his life: radio. He first married public radio, local and national, then cheated on her a bit with private radio stations after 1990 and ended up with an unavoidable divorce on his hands by the early 2000s. At the same time, he was practicing his Greek language skills in magazines and daily and weekly newspapers. He also tried to be an editor and manager in various journals with, admittedly, little success. He used to have the time and the right mood to research the local history of Attica and collect his findings in books that have already be published or that are due for publication. Nowadays, he has no time, so he researches his personal history, proof if needed that he's getting old. 
*One version of this tale claims that the name "Doleros" comes from Δολερός, a devious person, with malicious purposes. A second version says that it comes from the combination of DOL end eros. In the case of this specific Doleros, the first version is more likely to be true.

Jaquou Utopie (@Jaquoutopie)
Jaquou Utopie was born like everybody else... on a beautiful afternoon of the fall on the internet. Her purpose in this life, as for everybody else, was and still is to play, but every now and then she prefers to show that she matured along the way. She learned to read when she was very young, by practicing on the signs of stores in the street when her dad would take her for walks. As a result, she acquired a really "bad" habit from a very young age: to read everything that falls into her hands. That makes her doubt about things all the time and causes her to read even more, but also to ask endless question, especially if you make her feel comfortable. She is an information junkie and wonders where this vain path of constant research will lead her.

Apostolis Fotiadis (@Balkanizator)
Apostolis Fotiadis works as an independent journalist between Athens and Belgrade. He studied contemporary world history in the university of  Aberdeen in Scotland and Political Science and Sociology of Nationalism in the Central European University at Budapest. Since 2004 he has been collaborating with the newspaper "Kathimerini" as the Balkans correspondent, and since September 2007, he's been working as a correspondent of the Inter Press Service in the region.

Krotkie (@Krotkie)
@Krotkie was born and raised in the beautiful city of Athens and has powerful memories from the infamous 1980s. After a tour around several countries, she ended up living in Belgium, that’s why people also call her “La Belge”. She's been active in social media for a full 6 years now, whereas in 2010 she found radiobubble in her way. And that changed her life. She reads and writes like a maniac. She is addicted to history and politics. And she is, and will be learning as long as she lives. In #rbnews, she acts an intermediary between Greece and Europe, she writes and tweets in Greek, English and French, and on the whole, she's doing her best.

Galaxyarchis - Zaphod (@galaxyarchis)
Almost four decades confined to this small planet on the most boring neighbourhood of the Galaxy, damn it. Got a chance to know inside out the glamorous media shine of glossy paper and decided to migrate to the digital universe. Unrepentant alien, so it makes perfect sense to call the Internet home sweet home. 

Apostolis Kaparoudakis (@O_Kanalarhis)
Apostolis Kaparoudakis has been engaged in journalism since 1989. He created and presented shows on radio stations such as 902-The Left on FM waves, Channel 15, Melodia and En Lefko, while also participating in teams that created alternative radio stations, such as Rogmi sta FM. He worked in newspapers,  he collaborated with magazines and he was a founding member of some. He has also been a founding member of the Exandas documentary series, which is usually broadcast on State TV NET in Greece and usually gets awards in festivals abroad,  and, in the last few years, he's been dealing with the coordination of research and editorial supervision of the documentaries... Throughout his career, he was lucky to get fired by his editors and directors, but also to quit, always with a triggering event that revolved around the existential question "Is it permissible to have an opinion in journalism?" In the end, after he accepted that it's impossible to detoxify himself from the radio, he obtained in radiobubble the only thing he'd really been wishing for: he was called the Grand Master... Meanwhile, from 2007 to 2010, he cruised around the internet with the name Euripidis Aggelopoulos. He had radio shows as Euripidis and he blogged as Aggelopoulos. At the end of 2009, he was forced to chat with the cyber crime unit of the Hellenic Police , so his nickname was exposed. Meanwhile, friends and family had started calling him Kanalarhis, the media mogul, and that stuck.

Iptamenos33 (@Iptamenos33)
Iptamenos33 was born almost 40 years ago in a small town close to the German border. After his studies he decided to move to Greece where he has been living for almost half his life now. He works as an employee in a private company and has the privilege of sharing his life with a wonderful family. He has a love-hate relationship with the internet, but is particularly glad to be able to participate in radiobubble, which –among other things- actively tries to build a bridge between the active citizens of Greece and the rest of the world. 
Korina Hatzinikolaou (@KHatzinikolaou)  
Korina may not remember where she was born, but she remembers well all the gazes, words and gestures during moments of mutual understanding and acceptance. She believes in self-organized societies and people's active participation in all matters of human interest.

Catalternative (@Catalternative)
Catlalternative was born in the year of Big Brother. When she was a little girl, she was fascinated by the world, which seemed huge and chaotic to her young eyes. Since then she keeps trying to understand how it works, which creates new questions that she tries to solve by asking or reading. That's the reason you'll find her in both the digital world and the real world, wandering around and asking questions all the time! She truly believes that knowledge acquired by continuous effort liberates and that's what she's always seeking. She discovered radiobubble by chance in the summer of 2010 when she was desperate for good company and since then she became a fan. 

Spyros Gkelis (@northaura)
@northaura was born in Piraeus, but has spent half his life in Thessaloniki studying what he fell in love with and living now the pleasure of teaching it in the university where he was a student. When he was a little boy, he wanted to travel and a good fairy heard it, so he lives between travel points. He is a citizen of a world he loves, and wants to see it become a better place. Despite the fact that he loves democracy, he found himself a part of radiobubble in a totally undemocratic yet extremely pleasant way. He's dreaming of the day people can once again be citizens and journalists be journalists. Meanwhile, he won't stop posting news about a reality that didn't ask him why it has to be this way, nor why some people are trying to present it otherwise.

Polyfimos (@Polyfimos)
Lost in an Odyssey of misinformation, I lay my eye on whatever really matters. You can call me Polyfimos, but I also answer to the name "Nobody". You also listen to my show on Wednesdays at 8pm EET on radiobubble and read my personal blog

Mpatman (@mpatman)@mpatman was born one night way before social media even existed, when many computers still had a green screen and people needed gigantic machines to connect to the Internet. At this time, he happens to be living on Earth and to be socializing with various living organisms, in particular with this exceedingly strange species of animals called humankind. He's also been wandering around social media for a while to chronicle images and reactions. He's accurate and punctilious, he notes everything, he always understand more than he'll say and, when transmitting a bit of information, he double-checks his sources. His stubbornness is proverbial, which is why some people misunderstand him and think that he's grumpy, whereas many others compare him to Felipe and Lucky Luke, but he'll compares himself only to himself. Any similarities with the DC Comics superhero are purely coincidental. 

Pexlibanis (@Pexlibanis)
Pexlibanis was born in the spring of 2011 (the actual person behind the avatar is much older unfortunately) somewhere in central Europe. His name is a word found in Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Greek and means a traveling wrestler that demonstrates his physical skills for money in public performances. A constant skeptic and a fan of logic, he feels that he has to try to deconstruct the dominant narrative, since it is mostly irrational. He does not consider himself a very good writer, and therefore you will not see many things written by him, but he writes code, and helps as much as he can with the e-infrastructure of radiobubble.

Joanna P. (@inflammatory_)
Born in Athens, traveled extensively, got a Master's Degree in Marketing, spent 5 amazing years in London to pursue a career in buying/merchandising before coming back to Greece and get a first-hand experience of what Klein's popular "Shock Doctrine" is talking about. The nostalgia for interaction with foreign people along with the urge to communicate under-reported stories beyond Greek borders drew her to join Radiobubble. Personal blog can be found here

Anarresti (@anarresti
@anarresti was born on the 42nd week of 1981 but he's still looking for the meaning of life, the universe and everything. He fell under the spell of computers as a child and found in them the only means of expression that suits him. He's been described as antisocial and reactionary, and he's doing his best to confirm that opinion. He's obsessed with knowledge but has a deep feeling that he doesn't know anything. He's trying to make the world a better place, without much success, but since the day he ran into radiobubble he feels he's on the right path.



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