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Saturday 9 March 2013

#rbnews international show 09 March 2013: Culture in the time of the crisis, part 3 - Interview with crime fiction writer Petros Markaris

On #rbnews international this week, we continued our series about culture in the time of the crisis. The first two shows focused on theatre and dance; today we moved on to books and had the pleasure to interview Petros Markaris, a Greek crime fiction writer whose latest novel, Bread - Education - Freedom, is the last installment of his Crisis Trilogy. Mr. Markaris told us of his approach to crime fiction, of his thoughts on Athens and Greek society during the crisis, and of his assessment of the impact of the crisis on cultural life.

Special thanks to @amaenad who translated the excerpts of Bread - Education - Freedom that you can hear in the show.

The podcast is available, as usual, after the jump.

Part 1: News bulletin (download)

Part 2: Interview with Petros Markaris (download)

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