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Sunday 20 January 2013

#rbnews international show 19 January 2013: Culture in the time of the crisis, part 1 - Our Great Circus

On #rbnews international on 19 January 2013, we inaugurated our series about culture in the time of the crisis in Greece with a show dedicated to the play "Our Great Circus", which is currently staged in the National Theatre of Northern Greece (@NTNGreece) in Thessaloniki. Director Sotiris Chatzakis, actors Tasos Nousias and Marina Aslanoglou, and singer Zaharias Karounis told us about this seminal text of contemporary Greek political theatre, the reasons behind its success in 1973 as well as 2012-2013, and the changes and challenges posed by the crisis to the performing arts scene in Greece.

The music excerpts in the show are the songs composed by Stavros Xarchakos for the play, with the voice of Zaharias Karounis from the 2012-2013 run of the play and Nikos Xylouris from the 1973 run, and "Ta Lianotragouda" from the "Megalo Erotiko" by Manos Hatzidakis.

Special thanks to @northaura, @ippotis_nyktos and @Skoufokokinitsa for helping with the voiceover.

You can listen to the podcast after the jump.

Part 1: News bulletin 12-18 January 2013

Part 2: Our Great Circus at the National Theatre of Northern Greece

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