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Saturday 18 May 2013

"Anonymous" threats against the Muslim Association of Greece: "there will be blood"

Posted by @IrateGreek 

Our friends over at OmniaTV informed us through the hashtag #rbnews this morning that the Muslim Association of Greece received a letter of "anonymous" threats in Greek, English and Arabic. The quotation marks are due to the fact that, while unsigned, the writing paper features a page-wide logo of Golden dawn.

You can read for yourself the text of the letter after the jump.

The Muslim Association issued a press release in Greek and English, which we reproduce below.

Press release of the Muslim Association of Greece
Athens May 18, 2013
The Muslim Association of Greece received yesterday a threatening note that was posted via a central post office of Athens. This threatening and insulting note threats directly the Muslims with bloodshed and with one month deadline within all Muslims, Greeks and foreigners, to evacuate the country otherwise…”be butchered like chickens”.
This message is addressed to Muslims and not to immigrants (that for the time being are on top list of the agenda of racism), and this indicates that the religious hatred against humans is undisguised. The note is attached to you.
Every Muslim is any time ready and fearless to defend his faith, not caring for his life. Here the human dignity is challenged, the sense of mutual respect and coexistence is challenged, but the proper confrontation is in the hands of the State that is now called to make certain that all citizens are enjoying equal law and that we are not prey in every asymmetric threat.
The Board of Muslim Association of Greece
Scan of the letter

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