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Saturday 16 February 2013

rbnews international show 16 February 2013: HIV/AIDS as an electoral argument in Greece

This week on #rbnews international, we interviewed at length radiobubble contributor Zoe Mavroudi, who is leading an effort to produce and direct a video documentary on the story of the 26 HIV positive women who were arrested shortly before the May 2012 elections, labeled as prostitutes and paraded on TV channels with claims from the Greek authorities that they were a threat to public health.
This documentary project is supported by the British union Unite as well as the organization Union Solidarity International. You can make a donation to support this project through the Greek Solidarity Campaign on the USI website. You can also read some of Zoe's writing about this topic here, here and here. Finally, if you want to support other radiobubble projects, you can make a donation here.

The podcast is available, as usual, after the jump.

Part 1: News bulletin (download)

Part 2: Interview with Zoe Mavroudi (download)

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