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Saturday 1 June 2013

#rbnews international show 01 June 2013: Fascism, antifascism and education

Today on #rbnews international, we continued our series on fascism and antifascism in Greece with a series on fascism, antifascism and education. Our guest was Gelly Aroni, a physical education teacher in an intercultural school in Faliro, a southern suburb of Athens, who also holds a PhD in social psychology from Panteion University and volunteers as a trainer on human rights education and intercultural education. Gelly shared with us some conclusions and thoughts from her 15 years of working in what is known as "intercultural education" in Greece, which essentially means education targeting non-native Greek speakers.

You can listen to the podcast, as usual, after the jump.

Part 1: News bulletin 25-31 May 2013 (download)

Part 2: Interview with Gelly Aroni (download)

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