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Sunday, 12 May 2013

A timeline of fascist activity in Greece over the past year

On the occasion of the anniversary of the May 2012 elections, in which Greece's neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn entered parliament with 7% of the vote, @galaxyarchis prepared a timeline of the most important events related to the rise of fascism in modern Greece.

Translated by @IrateGreek

  • June 2012: Racist attack on the homes of Egyptian fishermen in Perama near Piraeus
  • June 2012: Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris assaults Communist MP Liana Kanelli during a live show on Ant1 TV (he was not arrested despite the fact that a warrant was immediately issued)
  • July 2012: Golden Dawn campaign in workspaces to terrorize employers and hunt down immigrant workers
  • July 2012: More women are detained, subjected to forced testing for HIV, accused of being prostitutes and imprisoned. 
  • August 2012: Iraqi man stabbed to death by 4 Golden Dawners who were riding by on motorbikes.
  • August 2012: The Hellenic Police launches operation Xenios Zeus ("Hospitable Zeus") in cooperation with Athens municipality. Tens of immigrants are rounded up and transferred to concentration camps in Amygdaleza and Corinth. Nationalist groups in Corinth rise up in protest against the transformation of the military training centre into a detention camp. 
  • August 2012: Arson attack against Golden Dawn's central offices in Athens. 
  • September 2012: Kristallnacht against the Tanzanian community, who are attacked by Golden Dawn gangs in downtown Athens. The police doesn't intervene. The next day, an antifascist motorcade is assaulted by the police. Antifascist activists are arrested and tortured in the Athens police HQ.
  • October 2012: War-like situation in Skouries: start of the battle of the government and the media against local residents, who are described as terrorists and Sturmabteilungen by the newspaper Kathimerini.
  • October 2012: Golden Dawn asks for details of immigrant children in kindergartens and foreign students in universities.
  • November 2012: An Egyptian employee of a bakery in Salamina, Walid Taleb, is chained and tortured by his employer, who steals his savings. 
  • December 2012: Amnesty International rings the alarm bell about a "humanitarian crisis" in Greece. The government remains silent. 
  • January 2013: Police operation to evict squats in downtown Athens. Assault on anarchists and leftists in the Villa Amalias squat. Ultimate goal: to evict 40 squats across the country. 
  • January 2013: Racist assassination of 27-year-old Shehzad Luqman by two men on a motorbike. 
  • January 2013: Civil mobilization of metro workers to break their strike.
  • February 2013: 37-year-old Senegalese street pedlar Sheikh Ndiaye, chased by the municipal police, falls on the metro lines in Thisio, Athens, and dies of electrocution. 
  • February 2013: Arrest and torture of 4 anarchists by the police in Velvento near Kozani. the signs of torture are so evident that the police - with the full knowledge and consent of Minister of Public Order Nikos Dendias - crudely photoshops the pictures to cover it up. 
  • March 2013: Arson attack on the Hellas Gold worksite in Halkidiki, which leads to an open war waged by the government against the residents of Ierissos and Megali Panagia: invasion by fully armed men of the anti-terrorism units, tear gas even in schools, tens of detentions and forced DNA sampling. The Thessaloniki prosecutor's office charges 20 people with felonies.
  • April 2013: Shooting of more than 20 immigrant farm workers in Manodala after they demand payment for their work in the fields.
  • May 2013: Death of 23-year-old Fay Bahla, who had been beaten by her boyfriend, Vangelis Stefanakis, a known member of Golden Dawn. Stefanakis has a history of violent assaults: he had hit a member of the Communist Party with brass knuckles in Aghia Paraskevi last June but had not been arrested, despite the fact that his identity was known. He handed himself over to the police a few days ago. 
The total number of racist attacks recorded these last months is in excess of 500.

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