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Thursday 24 January 2013

Government twists Syriza MP statement smearing him as an advocate of terrorism

Syriza MP Vangelis Diamantopoulos is expected to file a lawsuit against those responsible for twisting his words around on a statement he made last Wednesday during a public event in Kastoria. Government's spokesman Simos Kedikoglou accused the MP for putting "The Mall" on spot four days before the blast, calling people "to take up arms" and released video from the MP's press conference as an evidence.
The anarchist -as presented- and advocate of terrorism Vangelis Diamantopoulos, who is still a Syriza MP even now, put "The Mall" on spot in his speech four days before the terrorist act, calling openly his comrades to take up arms. Following that, we are expecting immediate juridical intervention (...) Diamantopoulos should make clear his affiliation with lawlessness and terrorism.
Syriza condemned New Democracy for deliberately releasing a video with selected bits from Diamantopoulos speech aiming to distort the broader sense made out of his statement. The party's spokesman Panos Skourletis, sent a letter to the National Radio & TV Council asking for investigation upon the broadcasting of the edited video by some mainstream media outlets, although the raw footagewas also available to them.

Check below for the full statement of Vangelis Diamantopoulos

I am sad for them getting into a procedure of petty politics to equate violence with the left. Violence has nothing to do with the left. Who talked about violence? Did I talk about violence? Why are they getting into this for petty political benefits and resemble those things? We did not refer to violence. And those who wish to force us sign "recantation statements" will fail.

Violence means all these (austerity) measures, violence means these three bailout agreements, violence means being unable to provide your kid with food, violence means lack of electricity for the basics, violence means lack of medicine. Lawlessness is Mr Latsis' arbitrary construction of "The Mall". Lawlessness is when Athens citizens are unable to access the beach for swimming because it's blocked with (illegal construction of) nightclubs. Violence means Ricomex and Samina.

All those mean violence. All these prompt those affected to react, to have a reaction which is not considered legitimate. You know why? Because at this point they say to people "amidst insanity you either take your own life or take a gun". What we say is to come over and turn rage into a creative social movement. That's it. That's clear from Syriza.

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