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Sunday 16 December 2012

#rbnews international show 15 December 2012 - Immigration special

Picture by Debbie Valencia, Kasapi - Union of Filipino Migrants in Greece
On #rbnews international on 15 December 2012, in preparation of International Migrants Day on 18 December, we focused the show on the issue of immigration in Greece. Our three guests were: 
  • Debbie Valencia from from Kasapi, the Union of Filipino Migrants in Greece  
  • Marie Kanama from the second-generation migrant group Asante (website currently under construction)
  • Kusha Bahrami, a refugee from Iran who recently arrived in Greece. 
You can listen to the podcast and watch a slideshow of Kasapi's activities after the jump. 

Part 1: News bulletin 08 - 14 December 2012

Part 2: Interview with Debbie, Marie and Kusa

Slideshow (with special thanks to Debbie and Kasapi for providing the pictures)

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