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Friday 12 October 2012

#rbnews international show - 06 October 2012

In the second #rbnews English-language show of this season covering the period 30 September-06 October 2012, we discussed the Lagarde list, the new austerity measures, the multiple detentions and arrests by the police and torture cases and upcoming events in Greece, as well as developments with regards to the financial crisis in other European countries. The podcast is available after the jump.

The pieces of music heard during the show are Paolo Conte's Elisir, Aguaplano, Via con me and Gelato al limon.

We had to compress the podcasts sent by @serk01 and @Krotkie with the help of @mpatman, @catalternative and @ekapros into a six-minute report about news from the rest of Europe. The full podcasts are available below.


Spain and Portugal

United Kingdom



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