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Tuesday 10 July 2012

Pogrom against Pakistanis at Nikaia

Translated by @iptamenos33

New attacks by extreme-right wing groups against Pakistanis took place last Friday and Saturday night in Nikaia (Piraeus suburb). After the threats and the ultimatums that were distributed amongst Pakistani shop owners by groups of the extreme right –Golden Dawn –according to eyewitnesses- and after the anti-racism demonstration of last Thursday, the racist groups struck again.

“Around 10.30 on Friday evening 10 people on 5 motorbikes, attacked Pakistanis who were sitting in front of their house in 15, Iktinou Street. The Pakistanis were kicked, punched and beaten with clubs”, as the President of the Pakistani community, Javed Aslam, notes.

“Some of the attackers wore T-Shirts with the symbols of Golden Dawn”, he says. The migrants went into the yard of their house but the extreme right wingers forced their way in by breaking the door with hammers. Two migrants were beaten in the face and the third one in the legs. When the police arrived, they arrested 14 Pakistanis who had come to help –as mr Aslam states- the others.

The attacks continued on Saturday evening. “Around 23.00 three migrants returned home from the mosque when they were stopped on the street by a large group of motorbikes. They were beaten with brass knuckles. One of them has a broken nose”, says mr. Aslam.

The “Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat” denounces that the beaten Pakistanis had to wait all night on Friday at the Police Station of Nikaia in order to file a complaint, while 7 of the 14 migrants who were detained, were tried and sentenced to 12 months of imprisonment and a 2.000 € fine for entering the country illegally, with a three-year suspension.

Photo by @mpodil

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