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Thursday 21 June 2012

Declaration of the Government of National Responsibility

Original post by @doleross, translated by @IrateGreek

The following text is the "Declaration of the Government of National Responsibility" - in other words the programmatic framework to which the three parties participating in the government coalition (New Democracy, PASOK & Democratic Left) agreed.
The government of national responsibility which is created with the support of the three parties (New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left) will have full powers and the time frame stipulated by the Constitution. Its goals are to face the crisis, to pave the way for development and to revise conditions set in the loan agreement (memorandum) without endangering the European path of the country and its remaining in the eurozone. And, of course, without casting doubts on the self-evident goals of zeroing the fiscal deficit, putting the debt under control and implementing the structural reforms the country needs. 
A further goal is to create the conditions for the country to rid itself of the crisis for good, as well as the dependence on loan agreements in the future. The new government of national responsibility will smaller, with a perspective of shinking even further, and it is meant to be functional and executive. 
It will not be constituted of fiefdoms influenced by parties, it will function with unity, it will be based on transparency, on the programmatic agreements of the parties that support it and on the staffing of the administrative mechanisms on the basis of merit.  
Furthermore, it will be founded on flexibility, in order to avoid that disagreements on specific topics impede its work or the consensus that is needed for its work to continue. 
Finally, the new government and the chair of the Parliament will take the initiative to change the Parliament's regulations in order for legislative practices and parliamentary control to adapt to the new conditions of coalition governments. This will also upgrade the role of the House. 


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