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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

LIVE BLOG on May Day 2012 in Greece

By @inflammatory_ 

15:50 there seems to be no trouble in the area of Exarchia at the moment
15:05 Riot police in Exarcheia opposite protesters' barricades of trash bins in the middle of the street

pic by @_giant_

pic by @makissinodinos

14:37 Minor clashes in Exarcheia now
14:18 "No Nazis in the parliament" is what these protesters write illustrating that Golden Dawn (the ultra nationalist group) equals to Nazism
pic by @unpause

14:05 Car set alight in the district of Exarcheia - central Athens. fire brigade came on the spot and doused the fire. There are tweet reports of 4 stun grenades hurled by riot police.
pic by @stathisgr

13:54 Click here to check a few pics from demos in Thessaloniki. 
On a handmade banner it's been written: posh window displays - unpaid workers - bosses make a profit on our back

13:43 Election campaign kiosk of the Democratic Left being damaged. Pic by @leuteris

13:32 We 've got crowd estimations from @doleross
  • 3000 PAME labour union members marked May Day outside the factory of Hellenic Halyvourgia in solidarity with steel workers who have been staging a 6 months strike.
  • Not more than 1000 people joined the demo of the 2 major Greek trade unions (GSEE and ADEDY) along with Centre of Athens Labour Unions (EKA)
  • Around 1000-1500 people joined left wing political groups (Syriza and extra-parliamentary)
  • 2000 marched with Primary Labour Unions, Local Community and anarchist groups

13:11 Metal fence outside the parliament pic by @leuteris

12:50 Thessaloniki: 4000 ppl march with PAME union. Three separate demos take place in the city to mark May Day
pic by @VeriasA ppl marching in Thessaloniki

ppl marching in Thessaloniki pic by @VeriasA

12:46 Protesters near the parliament pic by @leuteris

12:46 Tube station in Syntagma closed
12:36 Primary unions and left wing political groups on the lower side of Syntagma sq. now

Labour demonstrations are taking place in central Athens today, to mark May Day. General Confederation of Greek Workers and Civil servants' Union Federation along with primary labour unions, local community and left wing political groups among others, take the streets as uncertainty has become the single unifying characteristic of working life under austerity.
PAME union, affiliated with the Communist Party of Greece will gather outside  Hellenic Halyvourgia's  factory in Aspropyrgos, where steel workers have been on strike for approximately 6 months.

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Marching to Syntagma sq. pic by @mpodil

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