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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

LIVE BLOG 24h general strike Feb 7, 2012

By @inflammatory_

14:15 Demonstrators chanting slogans outside the parliament

14:05 Random protesters outside the parliament now, opposite policemen guarding the building amid new austerity talks by greek leaders

14:00 Pic by demonstration in Thessaloniki via @alterthess

13:46 Demonstrators in the upper side of Syntagma sq. outside the parliament.

13:40 Verbal brawl among protesters and police. Flash grenades hurled by police outside the parliament while the rain gets heavier. via @doleross

13:30 Riot policeman's shield taken by demonstrator via @MakisSinodinos

13:20 Demonstrators attempting earlier to break riot police defensive ring outside the parliament via @MakisSinodinos

13:15 One demonstrator already being detained via 
13:10 German flags set alight in Syntagma.Riot policemen repel demonstrators now via 
12:45 Police estimates the crowd size of PAME at 8000 people, while 5000 joined primary unions and left wing organizations' march. GSEE and ADEDY demo had 3000 workers via @doleross

12:00 demonstrators gathered in Stadiou st. via @mpodil

11:30 demonstrators of PAME labor organization 

A 24h strike has been called today by the two major trade union bodies of Greece, GSEE (General Confederation of Workers) and ADEDY (Civil Servant's union Federation) against further austerity measures.The communist backed labour organization PAME and primary unions will be joining today's demos as well, that will take place in central Athens in varioys meeting points across the city around 11:00. Demonstrations are organized in the city of Thessaloniki, in northern Greece. For twitter updates, follow #rbnews and #7fgr hashtags.

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