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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Further anti-austerity protests 19 February 2012 (LIVE BLOG)

By @inflammatory_

Approximately 3000 people gathered in front of the parliament this morning to protest against austerity, chanting slogans and singing the national anthem. The demo was called by the two major trade union bodies of Greece, GSEE and ADEDY, that reportedly have plans for a third general strike in a row, on top of a series of events coordinated with unions and artists, that will culminate on February 29th, the European day of action
A new demo is scheduled this afternoon in Syntagma sq. from left wing groups, SYRIZA trade unionists' network, primary unions, motorcyclists and Mikis Theodorakis movement. Follow #19fgr and #rbnews hashtags for twitter updates. This post will be updated with pics and info.

Demonstrators outside the parliament 19/2/2012 by Alexia B. on facebook

  • 60 preventive detentions made by police in central Athens (Ermou St. Exarcheia & Monastiraki) prior to the demo.
  • People descended on Syntagma sq. across the street from Parliament, remaining peacefully until 19:40, when riot police tactics aimed -in an obvious manner- at dispersing the crowd.
  • To this end, pepper spray and stun grenade use was made, 3 people were detained and one man suffered injuries when hit by riot policeman on the head.
  • Journalists were reportedly repelled by police for doing their job when covering the demonstration. One of them working for Ant1 TV was detained.

20:50 Stun grenade in Propylaia. People have been dispersed
20:43 Demonstrator shouting at a riot policeman: Don't push me back, I've got every right to be here" pic via @northaura
20:38 Protesters wearing masks as police used teargas before.
20:31 Riot police has been constantly attempting to encircle protesters for the last 45 minutes
20:30 Pepper spray used by police to repel demonstrators. 
20:15 Syntagma sq is empty, riot police around it, blocking entrance from Ermou St. the lower side.
20:13 Another two detentions were reportedly made in Syntagma, as riot police squad run after a bunch of youths. 
20:02 Demo in Thessaloniki has finished
19:47 Minor tensions in Vas. Sofias ave & Panepistimiou. Police detained one protester pic via @makissinodinos

19:42 Man from loudspeaker calling for the immediate release of a peaceful protester via @northaura
19:30 First aid team in Syntagma via @northaura
19:07 Syntagma, Panepistimio, Monastiraki and Evaggelismos tube stations remain shut. 
19:05 60 preventive detentions in central Athens by police
19:00 People rallying in Thessaloniki now via @asteris

18:45 Syntagma now pic via @moggoloss

18:43 @IrateGreek tweets that there has been less turnout than last Sunday
18:24 Grassroots carnival groups marching to the beat of their own drummers,on their way to Syntagma via @tsimitakis

18:05 100 members of the group "indignant motorbikers of Greece" in Syntagma now via @bezesteni @tofatsoni
17:43 "It's us or them - we should abolish them altogether" is written upon a banner of a left wing group pic via @marpapado

17:40 2-3000 people have gathered outside the parliament now with a few riot police officers guarding the building via @erg_deltio
17:34 Many plain clothes police officers around Athens stock exchange and Klafthmonos sq via @risinggalaxy
17:13 Two banners outside the parliament writing "Traitors in Goudi" and "Greeks have the right to resist - 11th article of the Constitution" pic via @mpodil

17:05 Police asking a youth for his ID in Exarceia, a district in central Athens in close proximity to Syntagma pic via @odysseasgp

16:57 Syntagma now via @giannisg_

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